Our history

  • 19681968

    Institution's birth

    01 de Noviembre de 1968 A 01 de Diciembre de 1968

    In November 1968, Jairo Acevedo Rey Tobias wanting to consolidate his vocation and contribute to their homeland all the knowledge achieved and experience gained in their first labor practice, reached where it discovered the possibility to take an educational challenge, facing to his temperament and his city. That's when he came across the proposal to accept the leadership of St. Thomas College and, in keeping with his resolute spirit, he decided and finalized this purpose the 1st of December of the same year.

  • 19701970

    Ministry of Education's Approval

    01 de Enero de 1970 A 31 de Diciembre de 1979

    From the headmaster office, the institution began the process to get the approval of the Ministry of Education. Meanwhile, the institution consolidated its academic growth and community project for the city, which deployed extensively during the 70s and 80s.

  • 19801980

    New Location in Cañaveral

    01 de Enero de 1980 A 31 de Diciembre de 1989

    After that, Jairo Tobias was sure that Bucaramanga was going to give a huge residential growth, then he decided to purchase a lot in Canaveral, it was a rural area, which at first was sports and recreational space for the Colegio Santo Tomás. It was opened in July 1985. In this moment, the project got involved in technology and information revolution of this time in the world, that was the reason why the institution implemented an education profiled to information technology and media.

  • 19901990

    Globalized World

    01 de Enero de 1990 A 31 de Diciembre de 1993

    In the 90's, looking for a new vision of the education, the institution got involved into the challenge of globalization making a new proposal of humanistic educational of Colegio Santo Tomás with the technological revolution, bilingualism and high standards of academic quality. That was the way the city began to have from the first moments of globalization with a school which fit to the challenges that the world was beginning to demand.

  • 19941994

    Birth of New Cambridge School

    01 de Enero de 1994 A 31 de Diciembre de 1995

    To be able to face the demanding challenges of the new globalized world, in 1994 and accompanied by Nova Southeastern University, Colegio Santo Tomás became the New Cambridge School, which quickly established in the Very Superior ICFES level from where it started a steady and sustained process of positioning for 2004 it stood at a historical average of the top 50 educational institutions of the country, the same year, New Cambridge School won 14 Andrés Bello Awards and graduated second best high school student in the country.

  • 19961996

    Quality Certification

    01 de Enero de 1996 A 31 de Diciembre de 1999

    When the school was academically improved, the management began working in the inclusion of the school on the international calendar, meanwhile bilingualism and a culture of total quality was the day by day. Then, the school was articulated to calendar B, adopted an international standard for learning English, certifying students through the British Council and Cambridge University, and also was certified as ISO 9001 with Icontec and the European Excellence Model, EFQM.

  • 20002000

    Education Quality Honor

    01 de Enero de 2000 A 31 de Diciembre de 2010

    In 2007 the Latin American Council on Education Quality Honor, collected all this accumulated excellence in educational administration and awarded to Jairo Tobías Rey with the title of Doctor Honoris Causa of Latin America.

  • 20122012

    Best Schools Ranking in Colombia

    06 de Febrero de 2012 A 20 de Diciembre de 2012

    Between 2011 and 2012 the New Cambridge School has been in the press headlines. In April 2012 the school was second in Latin America and Colombia in the first international competition by EF Global English. In November 2012, the ICFES published the ranking of the best schools according to results of state tests, the New Cambridge School ranked eighth nationally among more than 12000 schools.

  • 20132013

    Llega a Cali el Colegio Nuevo Cambridge

    07 de Mayo de 2013

    A partir del año 2013 el Colegio Hebreo de Cali da un paso más en su historia de crecimiento, juntando su experiencia y sabiduría con la del Colegio Nuevo Cambridge. A partir de este año, la comunidad educativa de Cali se convierte en el sueño de Redcol, para llegar a los más altos niveles jamás pensados. Redcol trae a la capital del Valle del Cauca lo mejor de su experiencia educativa, fruto de muchos años de trabajo y esfuerzo. ¡Bienvenidos a la experiencia New Cambridge School!

  • 20142014

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