We are New Cambridge


Who are we?

In New Cambridge School we educate persons who transform communities, through an amazing educational experience


visionWe educate persons who transform communities, through an amazing educative experience.


In 2020 we will be a nationally and internationally recognized school thanks to our educational processes, social impact, our modern infrastructure to strengthen the different fields of knowledge according to the stage of development of students and an excellent performance in multilingual international academic programs.


principios-1Communicative Action

The debate of ideas is a fundamental resource to share and build together. Therefore, one of our pillars is acting from reasons discussed and agreed to reach consensus and collective development assertive processes. Communicative action should be characterized as clear, timely, transparent and respectful of individuals and their opinions, as well as the communities that make up and involve our community.

The Individual

We consider the person as a unique, indivisible and unrepeatable human that deserves our attention and consideration in the process of formation and growth. Its important to note in this principle that, although we believe every member of the institution with the characteristics described above, the collective comes before the individual, the decisions will take into account the characteristics of individuals, but they can never be detrimental of the community.

The Communityprincipios-2

The New Cambridge School is an organization looking for the development of the nearest society of the institution and their neighborhood. That is the reason why the activities and institutional development tends to create social cohesion, solidarity, tolerance and service spirit.

The Ecological

Our members have the task to take care for their body and the world through health, sport, art, science and technology. Therefore, with our school activities and extracurricular activities we are searching for preserve the environment and its resources, also we are committed to maintaining a healthy body and mind.

principios-3The Transcendent

We recognize the Catholicism as the transcendental religion for our school, although we do not marginalize other faiths in our institution. Consequently, we believe that members of the community´s behavior is consistent with their life plans, as well as their beliefs and convictions on the basis of full respect and appreciation for others.



Self recognition and other recognition taking into account the rights and duties of each in the different contexts in which they are.


Human capacity to act always honestly, honesty and justice as basic principles of life.


Ability to stand firm in supporting a cause, an ideal, an institution, or a person without exceeding the limitations imposed by the rights of others.


Human capacity to recognize the other and accept their differences.


Faculty that allows humans to analyze situations, compromise and accept the consequences of an act freely made​​.

Student Profile

perfilThe New Cambridge School’s students are holistic persons, whom develop their required skills to be part of a global world. Also, through tech tools improve their own process of education and their environment.

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